Navigating the maze of insurance options can be overwhelming for business owners. Two terms that often create confusion are “fidelity bonds” and “crime insurance.” While they may seem similar, they serve different purposes. This article aims to clarify the distinctions and help you make an informed decision for your business.

What Is a Fidelity Bond?

A fidelity bond protects your business from losses incurred due to dishonest acts by employees. These acts can range from theft and embezzlement to forgery. Fidelity bonds are essentially a subset of crime insurance, focusing on internal threats.

What Is Crime Insurance?

Crime insurance offers a broader scope of coverage compared to fidelity bonds. It safeguards your business not only from internal dishonest acts by employees but also from external criminal activities like robbery and burglary. Commercial crime insurance vs fidelity bond highlights a key difference: commercial crime insurance can even cover losses from cybercrimes, such as hacking or fraudulent electronic transfers.

Main Differences

So, how do fidelity bond vs crime insurance differ? Fidelity bonds are more specialized, targeting internal threats from employees. Crime insurance, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive safety net, covering a wide array of risks, including external threats.

Benefits for Your Business

Both types of insurance offer invaluable benefits. Crime insurance vs fidelity bond is not a zero-sum game; each has its own merits. Crime insurance can cover the cost of legal fees and damages, while fidelity bonds can reassure your clients that you have measures in place to protect against internal fraud.

Who Should Consider Both?

If your business deals in both goods and services, you might want to consider both types of insurance. Is fidelity bond the same as crime insurance? No, but they complement each other well. Businesses that require extensive coverage may find it beneficial to invest in both.


If you’re still unsure, there are alternatives. Some businesses opt to self-insure, setting aside funds to cover potential losses. Others choose a hybrid policy that covers both fidelity vs crime insurance risks, offering peace of mind.

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