Workers’ compensation claims are a complex maze of laws, timelines, and processes. One question that often arises is how long a workers’ comp claim can stay open. This article aims to provide a comprehensive answer to that question, drawing insights from within the industry.

The Initial Steps: Reporting and Medical Care

When a work-related injury occurs, the clock starts ticking. How long a workers comp claim stays open often depends on the initial steps taken. Immediate medical care for the injured employee is crucial. Employers and their clients must then report the incident to their workers’ compensation insurance provider, often within 24 hours. The date of the injury and its reporting can significantly influence the claim’s duration due to necessary investigations.

Timing Matters: Statutes and Limitations

Statutes of limitations also play a role in how long a workers comp case can stay open. Employees have a limited time to report their injuries to the state workers’ compensation office. Effective claim management involves documenting the date and circumstances of the injury, including witness statements, which must be disclosed to the insurance carrier.

Medical Evaluations and Ongoing Care

In most cases, how long a workmans comp claim stays open is determined by medical evaluations. The claim generally remains open until a medical professional fully releases the employee to resume regular job duties. Employees might still qualify for partial benefits even when they’ve resumed work but continue to need medical care.

The Role of Impairment Rating Evaluations

Sometimes, insurance companies request an impairment rating evaluation (IRE). This evaluation, conducted by a third-party medical examiner, assesses the injured worker’s whole body impairment to determine their work-readiness. Such evaluations can influence how long a workmans comp case stays open.

Crafting a Return-to-Work Plan

A well-documented return-to-work plan can significantly influence how long workers comp cases stay open. The treating physician has the final say on when an employee can return to work, often prescribing shorter weeks or lighter tasks initially.

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Why Your Insurance Company Matters

A strong relationship with your insurance carrier can make a significant difference in how long workers comp claims stay open. Time is of the essence, and a dedicated team can expedite the process.

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